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At Elephant Attire, we’re proud to partner with suppliers, collaborators, and manufacturers who share our values and love of beauty to offer a fine selection of items that complement our regular assortment. Our goal? To help you find inspiring items in just a few clicks! This unique product range, carefully developed by our team who are on top of the latest trends, is intended to make your shopping experience enriching, fun, simple, and effective. Your satisfaction remains our top priority, and we continue to honour the reputation for outstanding customer service that we’ve built for the past 180 years.


• Our suppliers ship online-only items directly to your door. They’re separate from the regular orders shipped from our warehouses. Their appearance may differ from the usual Elephant Attire packaging.

• No additional shipping costs apply. (With some exceptions, such as shipping surcharges based on the size, weight, or destination of certain items.)

• A tracking number will be sent to you for each order, as is the case for any purchase made from Elephant Attire.

• Given that each product has its own unique characteristics, shipping times may vary from Elephant Attire’ usual standards. This is the case for artisanal creations sold at Fabrique 1840, for example. If applicable, shipping times are indicated on the item’s description sheet.

• You can place an order containing both standard items (also available in stores) and online-only items. In this case, the order will be shipped in several packages.

Multiple Benefits of Our Online-Only Selection


• Our return policy is the same for all items sold by Elephant Attire, including online-only products and Fabrique 1840 creations: these can be returned free of charge. (With some exceptions, such as for items to which a shipping surcharge applies based on their size, weight, or destination.)

• These items can only be returned online. Simply follow the usual procedure.

Questions & Answers

Where can I find online-only items?
• These products are integrated into the categories on our website.
•They are easily identifiable by the “Online Only” label written below the brand.
• All Fabrique 1840 products are online only.

Are these items subject to shipping fees?
The same shipping policy that applies to items sold by Elephant Attire applies to online-only items. (With some exceptions, such as for items to which a shipping surcharge applies based on their size, weight, or destination.)

Can these items be shipped to store?
Online-only items can only be purchased online for home delivery. Therefore, it is not possible to pick them up in store.

As these particular items come in various sizes and are shipped directly from the supplier, they cannot be wrapped in a Elephant Attire gift box.

Do you earn loyalty points on the purchase of an online-only item?
Yes. You can earn points on all purchases made using your The Elephant Attire account.

Can your rewards card be applied to the purchase of an online-only item?
Yes. You can use your rewards card on any online purchase.

What do I do if a product arrives damaged?
You can contact our customer service directly. The item will be replaced or refunded depending on the situation.
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